Revealed: Guardian climate blogger works for EPA, wind, solar contractor without disclosure

Dana Nuccitelli is a rabid (albeit part-time) warmist blogger for The Guardian. He also has an interesting full-time employer.

The BBC reported today:

This was neatly summed up in a Guardian blog by Dana Nuccitelli, who works for a multi-billion dollar US environmental business (Tetra Tech) and writes prodigiously about global warming and related matters from a very distinct perspective.

Having come across some of Nuccitelli’s screeds and I was drawn to the Tetra Tech mention.

What is Tetra Tech?

It’s a consulting firm that just got a $50 million contract from the EPA and a $100 million contract from the Navy It also does work for the wind, solar, and “emerging renewable” energy industries. It also offers “climate services” — whatever they are.

Ironically, Tetra Tech is also helping to develop fossil fuels in the Bakken shale play.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.23.50 PM

How a warmist blogger can in good conscience work for an enabler of global warming is beyond me — then I remembered, on warmists, consciences are optional equipment.

All of these should be inconvenient facts for The Guardian, in that the paper has failed to disclose any of them to its readers. Below is Nuccitelli’s bio on The Guardian web site:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 6.27.28 PM

And does Tetra Tech know that one of its employees is blogging against its business interests?

WUWT has also taken a swipe at Nuccitelli, but we’ve added more to the story.

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10 responses to “Revealed: Guardian climate blogger works for EPA, wind, solar contractor without disclosure

  1. Solar wind oil EPA Navy…he’s got it all covered!!

  2. Drama Nuccitelli

  3. Scooter is not even a scientist … he’s nothing more than a wannabe !

  4. Tetra Tech isn’t only into conventional oil, it’s also into shale oil too.

    Colorado Energy News – June 7th, 2012
    Tetra Tech Expands Services to Niobrara, Bakken Shale Markets with Rooney Engineering Acquisition
    REI has worked on projects across the United States, including in Alaska and the Gulf Coast, but many of the firm’s current clients are strategically located in the Bakken and Niobrara shale oil regions.

  5. Tetra Tech DOES know, of course, that one of its employees is blogging, so it’s certainly not against its business interests !

  6. By their own logic, everything Dana has said or written is now not credible. Delicious!

  7. Unless he is speaking for Tetra Tech, I’m not sure “full disclosure” is required. Large consulting firms tend to have a very diverse client base, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    • Bob – Dana enrolled himself in the IOP Vision Prize as climate change expert using his job title and company name (Tetra Tech). This can happen if TT employs him to work about climate change, effectively making him speak for the company on the subject.

  8. Tetra Tech pays for this guy’s blogging. It falls under “climate services.”

  9. When it comes to money the mega consulting firms could care less where it comes from as long as it can be traded for billable hours. Quality of work is not an issue; just keep logging those billable hours. The important thing is to keep a muzzle on the goofy employees when they are around good paying clients.

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