Study adds fuel to enviro campaign against burning biomass

The new CO2 emitter is that may effect the biomass equation is… disturbed dirt.

An enviro writes at HuffPost:

Burning our forests for electricity is a bad idea — bad for our climate, bad for local ecosystems, and bad for our communities. But a new study just out of Dartmouth College shows that it might be even worse than we thought.

Here’s a link to the Dartmouth study.

3 thoughts on “Study adds fuel to enviro campaign against burning biomass”

  1. Burning our forests for electricity? Who the heck is doing that? The biomass component of unicorn energy is ethanol or soy diesel.
    The people who are burning forests are the world’s poorest who have no clean source of electricity. Partly because the green weenies are in their way, but there are a lot of reasons.
    Turning dirt may well have a teensy effect on gases in the atmosphere. Dirt gets turned all the time. Agriculture itself is based on turning dirt.

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