9 thoughts on “Obama’s Climate Plan Revealed”

  1. I think we should start up a new ad campaign.

    Since one definition of “Organic” is “contains carbon” we should talk about how organic foods contain “toxic carbon pollutants” and see how far we can take it.

  2. I suspect that they are using the word “carbon” because it has the connotation of something sooty, dirty and unhealthy whereas CO2 is colorless, odorless and good for green things. More deceptive demagoguery from a very deceitful president.

  3. Agenda 21 on steroids. Why not just let the UN run it all and call it the international fascism that it is?

  4. Don’t be so sure. Obamacare was an Enabling Act, giving dictatorial powers over the medical industry to the Executive Branch. All pending collateral damage is of no interest to them: they’ve got the power and they’ll keep the power.

    Similarly, Obama may use this speech to launch an energy Enabling Act. Wait for any actually introduced legislation. His speeches are just the teleprompter giving us talking points. In the case of his speech to the joint session of Congress on Obamacare, the entire content of his speech had no connection to the actual legislation. This same thing could happen today.

    We must remain vigilant.

  5. It seems to me that Obama is becoming desperate in his quest for a “legacy.” He appears to have realized that Obama Care is an abortion that will be seen for what it is, a mistake, and that it will not survive long. He has been unable to marshal support for his other schemes. So he has decided that he can be known as the “President who saved the world from the ravages of AGW.” He needs his delusion that carbon dioxide is the cause of the warming to be true, in much the same way that Saint George needed for dragons to be real. He therefore will never listen to anyone who says that AGW is a scam.

  6. Wow welcome to the double speak, George Orwell. They quit calling it carbon dioxide. Now it is just carbon. All living things are carbon based. So by his words, all animals, plants, insects and people are pollution. Time to wipe them out boys. Send in the drones and clear them all out. I know, a little extreme, but the language is stupid. They need to quit narrowly defining stuff. KISS principle, but there is no cash grab opportunity in doing the small things. Cars that look like they have rocket boosters because their exhaust system isn’t working. Get those off the road. Houston alone that would change the air quality a ton. Get builders to plant back more trees in new neighborhoods. They clear cut all of them in site prep and some probably didn’t need to be. It’s not hard to make it cleaner, you just have to quit trying to use it as a power or cash grab.

  7. “the Obama Administration is putting in place tough new rules to cut carbon pollution just like we have for other toxins like mercury and arsenic”

    This has to be the most science deficient administration in the history of the USA.

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