3 thoughts on “Joe Bastardi blasts Heidi Cullen for ‘climatic ambulance chasing’ after Cullen links storm chaser deaths with global warming”

  1. And remember, as I reported right here at JS.com last year, Ms Cullen works for an organization that has every appearance of being an AGW-pushing outfit:

    “PBS NewsHour: Climate Central a research organizationÂť; Sorry, no. They advocate solving man-caused global warming” http://ow.ly/hVDB6

  2. Proceeded to also educate her as to the reason that the 1st was one of the latest f5s so far south, and the second THE LATEST! THE MAJOR COLD TROUGHS ALOFT. posted the pics on tweets so her followers can see what she is up too, ignorance of fact, or deceit if she knew it. Can only be one or the other. Either she did not look at the tornado history and was not aware of how far south these were and HOW LATE or she did and wouldnt explain. And then she did not inform people how powerfully strong these troughs were so it was too cold for tornadic activity further north where it should be. So my rebuttal was based on fact.

    BTW here is a great link for all this

    Know your past cause these people are assuming you dont and will lay down and let them roll over you

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