GOP warns EPA ozone rules will cost $1 trillion

The Hill reports:

Republicans on Wednesday warned new standards for smog emissions being pushed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be the most expensive regulations in history.

The Republicans said the standards would be impossible for some states to achieve and could result in up to $1 trillion in new costs for businesses.

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One thought on “GOP warns EPA ozone rules will cost $1 trillion”

  1. THE PROBLEM IS… that Liberals (literally) don’t care about the money. I’ve talked to quite a few,… well…. listened to quite a few talk because I’m apparently an idiot and not allowed to speak in their presence… nevertheless, when you mention a number like this, $1B, $1T, $3T…. it doesn’t matter to them. They literally don’t care about that!

    If they THINK…. they are doing “good”, it DOES NOT MATTER THE COST. Their eyes glaze over and “But, but, but… we’re saving the planet!”.

    You probably won’t get anywhere even with the MOST rational argument either, “Look, if we spend that $1T on THIS OTHER…. do-gooder objective, that will accomplish the same thing, PLUS bring you breakfast in bed, polish the shoes, clean the bathroom, AND(!) cook dinner before you get home…. we would be 10x better off!” (crickets!)

    I highly suspect the GOP is correct here, but you’re beating a dead horse. They DON’T CARE about this and appealing to something that isn’t in the least bit concerning to them, is a waste of time and effort.


    Until you drive that wedge, the Leftist are experts at manipulating their emotions and idealism. You have to get them to understand they HARM they do by not recognizing the options and the ultimate harm the Leftist will eventually reap if they keep listening to that garbage.


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