Fossil Fuel Divesters: Colleges, institutions should re-invest in ‘solutions to climate change’

Just don’t ask Calpers for any investment advice!

The Nation says:

It is time to shift money into solutions to climate change. These solutions in particular need investment, and a lot of it, now. While one college or pension may not be able to finance the move to a new, low-carbon economy themselves, when many shift their investments they can dramatically increase investments in this area.

But Calpers, one of the largest institutions in the world, recently said it was dialing back on green investments have experiencing large annual losses since 2007.

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  1. Notwithstanding the ideologies of the greenies, this IS a capitalist world, and nothing that has a red bottom line can endure long. Not only Calpers but also several national governments have seen the green agenda bleeding red ink.


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