2 thoughts on “China won’t cap CO2 emissions — Keep sharp things away from warmists”

  1. I know exactly how to reduce China’s CO2 emissions. Stop selling them corn and soybeans. When the ‘hunger bomb’ hits their economy and the country collapses into civil war and subsistence, those factories and power plants won’t be belching the way they are now.

    And then we’ll be running out of iPads and mobile phones and all the other stuff, and they won’t be buying our national debt and agricultural output, and with a bankrupted farm sector and wildly inflating currency, we’re all screwed.

    Fact is, in the end, we *need* China’s CO2.

  2. “… Su Wei reaffirmed his nation’s commitment to lower emissions relative to economic output …” Tee hee hee hee hee. That just means they intend to become more efficient, to use their resources more wisely and produce more stuff. That works for me; as br1022 points out, China as a trading partner is better than China as a poverty-ridden pesthole.

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