Junk Science Week at the FP: Women on boards

“With no cause and effect between profits and women on boards, the Catalyst claims look like more junk science based on statistical significance.”

Read more at the FP.

One response to “Junk Science Week at the FP: Women on boards

  1. Hoo boy, the FP writer is correct. One could very easily say that only industry leaders, who already have high returns, can afford to place less qualified people on their boards or to open places to have women.
    When governments create standards to force some kind of representation on boards by gender, by race, by polydactyly, for heaven’s sake, then the action to comply will work against the businesses involved. And the “quota” (“absolutely not a quota” belongs with the “97% of scientists” line) candidates will be powerless.
    “Attila the Nun” worked for, I think, IBM many years ago. She got on the board the old-fashioned way: she performed and she connived. People who perform and lead will end upon boards — not all that would be good candidates, the boards are too small. Legislating this kind of thing is as good for business as green investments.

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