Steve Milloy dishes on environmentalism on C-SPAN TV — Monday, May 27, 6:05 pm ET

Steve Milloy, the founder and publisher of, gives a conservative view on environmentalism and academia. The National Association of Scholars hosted this event in New York City, marking the 25th anniversary of that organization.

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7 thoughts on “Steve Milloy dishes on environmentalism on C-SPAN TV — Monday, May 27, 6:05 pm ET”

  1. Thank you for the kind words and support. I am enthused to see Canadians pushing back!

  2. Steve – hope you realize how many fans you’ve had in Canada for years, too? FYI: the passionate involvement is growing daily, as more “average Canadians” catch on and publicly engage both online and offline – from local council chambers to radio talk shows, in the “local” fight back against the anti-human comprehensive global Agenda for Control.

  3. Good presentation, sir! I feel I know you better.

    A minor nit: the fish causing problems with water supply in California is the delta smelt, not the snail darter. The snail darter caused problems with water in Tennessee.

  4. Awesome! Great talk Steve; thank you for posting. I can now direct friends to it.

    I just don’t understand why it is labelled a conservative view. I get the sense that any informed opinion or even a simple account of facts are somehow associated with conservatism. What’s so conservative about being informed?

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