Obama Motors calls for action on climate

GM also belonged to the ill-fated US Climate Action Partnership.

General Motors (IW 500/4), the largest U.S. automaker, on Wednesday joined a call for the United States to take greater action on climate change as it said that environmental concerns were critical for business.

Read more at Industry Week.

5 thoughts on “Obama Motors calls for action on climate”

  1. Since the bailout GM’s signature brand, GMC will no longer be referred to as a “Jimmy”, it will now be called a “Gimme”.

  2. An executive from GM once said “what is good for GM is good for America” and the company still believes that line of BS. GM is nothing but a gloated bureaucracy totally lacking in management. Otherwise why did they have to have a bail out? Which they haven’t paid the taxpaying citizens back yet but have invested OUR TAX DOLLARS in rebuilding the company in China.

  3. “it said that environmental concerns were critical for business.”

    It would seem they still don’t understand business.

  4. Climate change is nonsense. Human activity doesn’t drive and won’t change it. This kind of thing is why I’m hoping to avoid purchasing GM and GE products. I’m avoiding Chrysler because of the bailout itself, but they may be signing up for the green tumbril also.
    I own a Chrysler and my younglings drive a Chevy and a Pontiac but we bought them before the auto bailouts.

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