Michael Mann again poses as ‘involuntary public figure’

Michael Mann continues trying to manipulate the outcome of his defamation lawsuit by pretending to be something that he is not.

The Daily Press reports:

More than a year removed from that controversy and with a book on climate change now under his belt, Mann reflected on the experience in an interview before his speaking engagements.

“I’ll often characterize myself as a reluctant and accidental public figure,” he said. “I found myself at the center of this debate because of the efforts of some to discredit my science, and I had to make a decision. What am I going to do with that?”

Click for the JunkScience library on Michael Mann’s “involuntary public figure” charade.

5 thoughts on “Michael Mann again poses as ‘involuntary public figure’”

  1. The only thing missing from his “pose” is “I’m too Sexy” blaring from the concert strength speakers…..

  2. While I agree Mann’s statement is false. There is such thing as an accidental public figure. If a private individual gets notoriety because she was a victim of rape – and you wrote without evidence how she is a slut – I highly doubt you would win that case based on the public figure rules of slander. Richard Jewel RIP successful sued several media out let’s over false statements and the public figure argument didn’t work.

  3. Michael Mann’s claims to be an “involuntary” public figure are false and, legally, meaningless. Anyone who becomes well-known is a public figure, whether the person sought notoriety or didn’t. The definition of a “public figure” is pretty subjective. I doubt I’d qualify, in spite of my many postings here. Mr. Milloy would qualify, I’m sure. Dr. Gosnell would, whether he wishes or not, because he’s been the central figure in newsworthy events.
    Mann’s biggest problem in his lawsuit will be showing that the defendants made any false statements of fact. Opinion is absolutely protected speech and not subject to damages.

  4. Well, he admits he’s a public figure. That’s good, no? Different rules for Pubic Figures, yes!

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