Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson to work for Apple

“One of the bigger announcements out of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s appearance at the D 11 conference tonight is likely the appointment of Lisa Jackson to run Apple’s environmental responsibility efforts.”

Read more at the Atlantic Wire.

10 thoughts on “Ex-EPA chief Lisa Jackson to work for Apple”

  1. Well, you know what they say. The tree doesn’t fall far from the apples it drops, or … something like that.


  2. You’d think they could find an honest and reasonable one. Oh yeah, I forgot. This is about publicity. It also occurs to me that for someone who tried to kill industry and jobs through increased costs, her undeserved largesse of a salary may just be the beginning.

  3. Another toiler for the left has been invited to join the 1%. This passage through the revolving door will likely go pretty much unremarked in the press. I’m sure she’ll be able to obtain as many email addresses as she wants or needs. Good insurance for making sure phone calls to area code 202 are returned.

  4. There’s a real place for corporate environmental responsibility. Apple’s manufacturing processes include use of rare earths and lots of solvents and other real pollutants. Apple has the responsiblity of good stewardship, to use their resources efficiently and to dispose of hazardous waste in the least harmful fashion available.
    But Lisa Jackson? I do hope she’s only going to be a smokescreen. On the other hand, if she really drives their environmental policies, their product prices will probably rise. As a minion of Microsoft, that kind of works for me.

  5. That’s a smart move by Apple. She can provide the smoke screen that Apple is actually doing something about the environment.
    So, sean2829, how about we start a campaign to nominate Richard Miller as Apple’s COO? Should be a fun exercise.

  6. A pseudonym might be appropriate because Apple Lisa has already been taken by one of their early computers. How about Richard?

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