Eco-Imperialist Bill McKibben tells economically troubled Iceland to stop oil exploration

“McKibben said that it would be an important step in breaking the ice if a county announced that it would not extract oil, gas or coal despite it being available.”

Read more at Iceland Review.


  1. Warning Iceland about the dangers of extracting oil, gas, or coal? Isn’t that a bit like warning Mali about the risks of surfing and tsunamis?
    If Icelandic industry can get a drop of oil or a lump of coal out of that *volcanic* landscape, I’ll be greatly impressed! They ARE a leader in geothermal power, though.

  2. tadchem hits the obvious nail on the head. Per the US of A’s Energy Info Admin, , Iceland’s Oil, Nat Gas, & Coal production were all Zero as of recent years. It would be difficult to imagine otherwise to any large degree.
    – Hard to believe Bill McKibben is being even minimally honest.

  3. Thoughtful of Bill to fly in and tell them what to do.
    Some of the 20 barrels/yr per person Iceland has to import to stay alive must have been used to fly him out again.

    Did he condemn the planet destroying fishing which fuels 60% of Icelands exports?


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