4 thoughts on “Eco-Imperialist Bill McKibben tells economically troubled Iceland to stop oil exploration”

  1. Thoughtful of Bill to fly in and tell them what to do.
    Some of the 20 barrels/yr per person Iceland has to import to stay alive must have been used to fly him out again.

    Did he condemn the planet destroying fishing which fuels 60% of Icelands exports?

  2. tadchem hits the obvious nail on the head. Per the US of A’s Energy Info Admin, http://www.eia.gov/countries/country-data.cfm?fips=IC , Iceland’s Oil, Nat Gas, & Coal production were all Zero as of recent years. It would be difficult to imagine otherwise to any large degree.
    – Hard to believe Bill McKibben is being even minimally honest.

  3. Warning Iceland about the dangers of extracting oil, gas, or coal? Isn’t that a bit like warning Mali about the risks of surfing and tsunamis?
    If Icelandic industry can get a drop of oil or a lump of coal out of that *volcanic* landscape, I’ll be greatly impressed! They ARE a leader in geothermal power, though.

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