DC ambulance with gunshot victim had to pull over because EPA-required emissions system failed

“The diesel engines at issue are designed to cut power if exhaust filters are not kept clean.”

Read more at the Washington Post.

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11 responses to “DC ambulance with gunshot victim had to pull over because EPA-required emissions system failed

  1. What a bunch of crap. The sooner this green garbage is kicked to the curb the better. This is insanity, nothing more.

  2. Don’t put diesel engines in ambulances. Duh.

    • particulate filters mostly standard equipment since 2007 on all commercial diesel trucks and buses- i.e hundreds of thousands of units in operation without issues. Definitely adds a layer of maintenance and operator awareness, and if not attended to then problems can occur. Hard to know all the facts in this story yet. But failures/circumstances like this could occur with improper maintenance- just like changing the oil and checking the air pressure in the tires – engines seize and tires go flat everyday from inattentive drivers and operators.

  3. The dreaded diesel particulate filter. We have them in the UK and Europe as well. A lot of urban running and the filter blocks up, so they fit a chemical injector which makes the soot burn at a lower temperature. You clear the filter by keeping a steady minimum 40mph for at least 10 minutes, so you get people at weekends, driving just to clear the DPF ready for work the following weak.

    Electronic control means if they block up, the engine goes into “safe mode” so you can crawl home. Many people have them taken out of the exhaust box and keep the same box so inspection authorities can’t see the filter is gone. If they completely block, that’s a new DPF, around $1500.

    Great for the environment, lower fuel consumption figures, more resources used, chemicals needed to help keep them clear……

    • The newer semis around here have them too. Little lights go from green to yellow to orange to red. You have to clean it at orange, and if it ever gets to red, it plugs up and you will have to replace the whole dang thing.

  4. I thought DPF’s could be cleaned by injecting diesel into the exhaust and igniting it. Our governments at work. EPA denies an exemption for emergency vehicles because nobody else has the problem, only most folks don’t idle like emergency vehicles that rarely get to 45 mph in big cities. And, the City of Washington doesn’t have a PM system that accounts for this.

    • They can. I’ve seen these on semis. The driver must not have press the clean cycle button. That’s all it is, press a button and idle for 10 minutes. It’s a supid thing that they forgot to do and died because of it.

  5. An eco-greenie would point out that saving the entire city of Washington DC from diesel emissions is more important than getting one guy to the hospital in time, and offer EPA figures regarding ‘premature death’ to prove it. One of those little sacrifices we have to make for the common good.

    It’s their narrative, and they’re stickin’ to it.

    • When you think of all the politicians and bureaucrats who live in WDC I’m not sure that argument holds up.

  6. Steve, did the passenger die? Did the EPA finally provide a body whose death was caused (indirectly, of course) by air pollution (control equipment?)

    • Yes he did, but the cause of death is more directly due to being in a gun battle with the DC police.

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