Study: Roundworm infection could help quell obesity, diabetes

“In the study researchers tested the effect of nematode infection on mice fed a high-fat diet. Infected mice of normal girth gained 15 percent less weight than those that were not infected. Mice that were already obese when infected lost roughly 13 percent of their body weight within 10 days.”

Read more at EurekAlert.

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10 responses to “Study: Roundworm infection could help quell obesity, diabetes

  1. Is having fat on your body really so ‘terrible’ that a parasitic infection and the potential health problems of a parasitic infection are justified?!

  2. Malaria might help you lose a few pounds, too.

  3. I lost weight when I had severe reaction to a drug. I don’t recommend this method. I agree–is fat on your body all that bad?

  4. Fat is an evolutionary advantage. When you run out of food only the fat survive.

  5. The important thing is that fat people are the only group you can persecute and victimize, and not only get away with it, but be praised for doing so.

    A parasitic infection may well be better than persecution.

  6. there was a british guy who deliberately infected himself with roundworms.

    His reason, he wanted to get rid of his grass allergy problem (he was allergic to grass, round worm cured him off it)

  7. If you think it best…..

  8. Well, but consider this. If researchers can figure out how to harness something benign from the nematode information, there might be valuable therapies. It won’t be the nematodes themselves, of course.
    It happens sometimes that these parasites wind up in the lungs also, causing a disease called parasitic husk.

  9. Theodorick of York recommends a good bleeding!!

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