Green Hell: “We’re blinded by next door’s solar panels”

Mr Phipps, 51, says his three-bedroom detached home is lit up “like a tanning salon” for several hours a day when the sun shines.

Read more at the Express.

10 responses to “Green Hell: “We’re blinded by next door’s solar panels”

  1. What a bigot. “It’s worse than looking directly at the sun. I’m worried about retinal damage”.

    It’s with a mind like this that people become scam victims. Your retina may be the only beneficiary in this scam outside the tight circle of its perpetrators. What a drama! Posing with sunglasses on will surely do a lot of good now.

    Better spend this energy attacking the scam and the swindlers behind it, not its accidental (and in this case, beneficial) side-effects. Ignore the strawman.

  2. Put tint on the damn windows and quit the bellyaching!

  3. I agree. He can cover the windows with wooden panels that depict oil wells, coal mines, SUVs or whatever he thinks his neighbor will enjoy. After all, his neighbor was kind enough to spotlight the windows. Take advantage of it. (All within the law, of course.)

  4. Um sorry folks. Neighbors should weigh the impact their additions have on others around them. That’s just being a friendly and good neighbor.

    Mr. Solar Panels should find a way to make up to his neighbor.

  5. Being green means never having to say you are sorry.

  6. Reflections can surely be a pain but PVpanels are not worse then plain glass, usually they reflect less because of AR treatment and less air/glass Interfaces. Comparable to the surface on a pond actually.
    The problem is seasonal though, closer to summer the sun will be higher on the sky and the reflections will go somewhere else.

    Reminds me of the story about the police called to investigate a flasher.
    An elderly lady complained about the neighbour walking around his apartmetn in the nude. On site in the ladys apartment they could not get a look into the apartment in question and when they pointed this out she explained: Off cause not, you must stand on a chair and look out the bathroom window.

  7. Time for a taller fence backed with of aluminum foil to shine the light back.

  8. They ban flying the American flag all across the country because “It might offend someone.” Solar panels reflecting so much light in that you cannot open your shades to look outside? GREAT!!! GREAT!!! GREAT!!!

  9. Ron: The solar co. should be the one to put up the fence, not force the expense on the neighbors.

  10. New warning: Solar panels can cause skin cancer!

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