A New Take on Earth Day

This Earth Day, the Center for Biological Diversity is celebrating endangered species at 20 events in 13 states across the country. More than 15,000 condoms will be distributed in colorful packages (with artwork by Roger Peet) that feature species threatened by unsustainable human population growth, including the Florida panther and leatherback sea turtle.

They must be expecting an interesting day…

4 responses to “A New Take on Earth Day

  1. I wonder if they will have Orangutans whose habitat has been decimated by cutting down rain forests to make way for palm oil biofuel plantations.

  2. No way would I use a condom from the Center for Biological Diversity. Probably made from recycled toilet paper or something.

    Besides, how can I contribute to biodiversity if I don’t procreate? Duh.

  3. Friend of John Galt

    Back in the 60’s “Free Speech Movement” at U.C. Berkeley, it was a common belief that attending demonstrations was a good way to meet “easy” girls.

    I guess the belief (hope) lives on….

  4. Earth Day is another one of those stupid events that needs to be abolished. It is just another way of the liberals trying to get more control over our lives. What good has it served? NONE!!

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