3 thoughts on “Putin out-nannies Bloomberg: Urges revival of Soviet-era fitness tests”

  1. Umm Obamacare has a provision for mandatory diet and exercise, can’t remember what section it is in but it is there. It states if your health care provider “recommends” a diet and exercise regimen and you don’t follow it then your premiums can be raised exponentially. So if you go in for your yearly physical and you are over the BMI then you will either follow diet and exercise plan or pay until you are in the poor house.

  2. Those fitness tests were a sham. At least, failing the test had no consequences besides superiors (like school teachers) frowning. IIRC, the idea was borrowed from the Nazi, who did pursue it diligently.

  3. I’m sure others are remembering the vivid scene in Nineteen Eighty Four when the visi-screen calls Winston Smith out of bed for his “physical jerks”.

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