4 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood conference to focus on ‘Human Dimensions of Climate Change’ — while also supporting post-birth infanticide”

  1. Bob, it’s the difference between the classic railway puzzle and the “Fat Man” variant. One’s a clear, if gruesome moral decision, and the other is simple murder.

    There’s a strong moral difference here and you are clearly refusing to believe others are willing to acknowledge that, preferring to ascribe blatantly evil intentions to an entire swath of people based on an off-script comment by a single person. That’s the exact sort of nonsense that we are supposed to avert on this board.

  2. The environmental damage of excess population is held by a number of environmental advocacy groups. I see no reason that Planned Parenthood, an organization in the population control business, wouldn’t ascribe to these views.

  3. I cannot fathom that this opinion is held by a majority, or even a significant minority of Planned Parenthood personnel. Even so, the question was given circumstances in an extremely narrow context. While it is shocking, I would need an official position statement on the matter before condemning Planned Parenthood of that kind of crime.

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