NY Daily News: Judge who ruled against Bloomberg soda ban is ‘no one’

The New York Daily News says that Judge Tingling had no right to overrule the New York City Board of Health.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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7 responses to “NY Daily News: Judge who ruled against Bloomberg soda ban is ‘no one’

  1. “The correlation in certain communities among consuming soda, becoming obese and contracting related diseases are certain.”

    So, NYDN believes correlation is causation. We have a 1st Amendment to protect this?

    “The neighborhoods with the highest obesity rates — Harlem, the South Bronx, central Brooklyn — have the largest percentages of people who are likely to drink more than one sugar-sweetened beverage each day.”

    Is Mother Bloomberg’s ban RACIST ?!?!

  2. I read a few paragraphs at the link. I was repelled. It’s great that you let the nannies expose themselves.
    The judge ruled that people have the right to make their own decisions. I’m betting the NYDN has a bad case of “abortion and foolish sex are the only choices we want you to have.”

  3. “The soft racism of low expectations” strikes again.

  4. You want correlation?
    The areas of NYC that have the highest obesity get the most food stamps. Why not eliminate food stamps because they are obviously used to buy food which makes people obese.
    That would never be done. So let’s prevent everyone from buying soda because there are obese people in NYC.

  5. I imagine that, if Mayor Bloomberg and the health board had prohibited 2nd-term abortions as potentially dangerous, the NYDN would be applauding the judge who struck the ban down. The judge is a hero or a goat according to whether the ruling moves the agenda rather than according to the law and principle.

  6. The comments at the Daily News site are overwhelmingly condemning of Bloomberg and the News.

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