Jaguar Chief: Electric cars not mass-market solution

“Ralf Speth criticizes UK government subsidy of ‘poor electric vehicles’ and nationwide charging stations.”

Read more at The Guardian.

4 responses to “Jaguar Chief: Electric cars not mass-market solution

  1. All I can say is Tata.

  2. Johan
    Cool it, girls and boys. High school Physics shows that replacing present cars with electric ones needs about one nuclear power plant per 200 000 cars if we want to use them like we use oru cars now. With car pools and diffrentaited running hours we could perhaps get down to , say, 500 000 or so. That ha nothing to do wiohtthe size of batteriedor anything like that, it is just of question of how much energy is neede to tkae a vehicle from poinmt A to point B at a certain speed. There is absolutely no way of getting around that other than possibly building motor bike-looking things with very low energy consumption and limited utility for transportation purposes. Mass transportation of people is out except for things moving on rails or with trolleys and continous feed of current through lines, let alone trucks and vans. Mr. Speth has evidently done his Physics 101. He’s talking.

  3. Sorry for the typos. The text was partly covered by the “Fill in your details below…”.

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