Claim: BPA causes asthma

Aside from the improper use of statistical analysis and lack of biological plausibility, widespread BPA use predates the supposed “epidemic” of asthma by decades.

Read more at CNN.

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One response to “Claim: BPA causes asthma

  1. I’ve been reading up on this hypothesis, and am curious to understand what went wrong in the statistical analyses. Would you mind filling me in on exactly was done incorrectly? Also, I came across some recent studies that I think merit your consideration with respect to the biological plausibility of this link-specifically I’m thinking about two animal model studies documenting fetal BPA exposure causing asthma in mice. In particular the link to allergic asthma seems particularly strong in light of the studies that tie BPA to increased allergy. Please let me know if you are interested and I can forward you the pertinent PDFs.

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