Yale President: Fossil fuel divestment warranted if fossil fuel companies causing ‘grave social injury’

Will be interesting to watch. Would Yale stop using electricity, too?

From the Yale Daily News:

But in its 40-year history, the ACIR has only divested from two causes, University President Richard Levin said in a Thursday email. The first divestment occurred in the 1970s and involved companies related to South African apartheid, and the second took place in February 2006, when the Yale Corporation adopted the ACIR’s recommendation that the University divest from Sudanese government bonds and seven oil companies operating in Sudan.

“Our guidelines recommend using our role as a shareholder to express voice on issues where a company is engaged in causing ‘social injury,’” Levin said. “If the use of voice fails, exit in the form of divestment is the final step: taken when a company is engaged in producing ‘grave social injury’ and after all attempts at persuasion have failed. It is an expression of desperation about the futility of voice.”

6 thoughts on “Yale President: Fossil fuel divestment warranted if fossil fuel companies causing ‘grave social injury’”

  1. May the supporters of Yale should apply this standard to Yale itself and cut off funds for the “grave social injury” Yale is causing. Be sure to mention that when you send an envelope with NO check so Yale will clearly understand why you can’t contribute. Oh, and students caring about society should not go to Yale, either and let them know why.

  2. It must have something to do with more prosperity, less expensive energy and lower food prices. I’m sure the liberals understand “grave social injury” and that it is something that can be fixed with social justice. All you have to remember is that fossil fuel is inherently evil.

  3. I did some searching on the internet to find out what “social injury” is. Couldn’t find anything. I can’t imagine how it could be “grave.”

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