WashTimes: EPA’s fantasy fuel

“Rationality in Washington is scarcer than green gas” — and green gas doesn’t even exist.

“Wishful thinking is overflowing at the Environmental Protection Agency. The agency just got its knuckles rapped in court for forcing oil refineries to add an unreasonably high volume of biofuels to their products last year. The EPA’s response to judicial chastisement: Demand even more for 2013. Cranking out rules that don’t make sense protects nothing but the employment environment for Washington bureaucrats.”

Read more at the Washington Times.

6 thoughts on “WashTimes: EPA’s fantasy fuel”

  1. You are so correct. Current government is based entirely on announcements, theories and press conferences with no actions whatsoever behind them. If actions do occur, usually they have bad consequences so they are ignored and new theories rushed in. We live in a virtual reality in so many ways. (I personally love the “Superpresident Bush” excuse. Bush has been out of office for over 4 years and he still runs the country. That’s why bad things happen.)

  2. This all makes sense when we realize that in the mind of the radical left, the only thing that matters is theory. Consequences, results, facts are only stumbling blocks to their ideals. If the theory suits them, it does not matter how many times it has been proven wrong and discredited, it’s always “full speed ahead” with the theory. And whenever it is proven wrong, no matter how decisively or how many times it’s proven wrong it is always “someone else’s fault”. You could not knock these nutty ideas out of their heads with a pick handle! You would only break the pick handle.

  3. hey, they already have plans to fine you for not buying OTHER products (health insurance), so why not fuel that doesn’t exist, and then healthy foods you don’t buy and won’t eat?

  4. It’s a perfect review stream. Fine people for not using a nonexistent gas or product. Brilliant, actually, in a sick liberal steal-from-the-working-class kind of way. Now if they can just get the courts to overlook the detail of the fuel being nonexistent, it’s “we’re in the money” for the EPA and everyone else in government.

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