7 thoughts on “Video: Test driving the world’s smallest car — aka the ‘Hybrid Death Trap’”

  1. MT Geoff: I would love to image we can be that kind of country again. You mention this seems a golf cart with a body? When gas was $5 a gallon, people took to driving golf carts in traffic and ended up seriously injured and sometimes dead. Since you don’t see many people driving golf carts in traffic now, it may be gas prices or maybe the whole experience was instructive. Big winner: personal injury lawyers suing because no one told us golf carts aren’t safe in traffic. Now that Ralph Nader cares nothing about safety or people, we’re on our own it seems. I’m not signing up for one of the first off the line.

  2. The Aptera is rather cool. This critter seems to be a golf cart with a body fairing – amusing but that’s all.
    As for Obama and the Enablers — there’s no federal brief that justifies the CAFE standards. In a free country, people buy the cars they want and that their resources can afford. Let’s imagine we can be that kind of country again.

  3. I thought it was all stupid. Standard Top Gear silliness.

    THEN . . . he cranked it up in the library. Priceless!

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