2 thoughts on “USA Today: ‘If more trees die, the planet warms more’”

  1. Wow, the earth is really a horribly fragile thing. I am amazed it lasted for 4.5 billion years. I would have thought it would be a barren wasteland by now. Or humans are so influential that they can wipe out what 4.5 billion years did not? Or maybe this is just nature? Maybe everything does change and the scientists should stop trying to press the “pause” button on their remote and keep everything as it is now?

  2. Plant cover has a complex role in local temperatures. The role involves albedo, transpiration, insulation, and I’m sure a whole lot of other factors. Increasing or decreasing plant cover will have a butterly-wing effect on climate and changing land use has a definite effect on local weather, or so I’ve read. We can’t outguess all of these factors, though, as we’ve demonstrated over the last century of predicting Ice Age, Fire Age, Ice Age…

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