11 thoughts on “University of California professor: Death toll for global warming ‘perhaps billions’”

  1. Reality check: The oracles can’t get crystal balls anymore. Obama care cost put “Seers” out of business.

  2. Yep, you’re right “perfessor” The death toll from global warming in the United States alone every year exceeds the combined population of India and China. 😉

  3. It will be after tonight. Killing poor people is the most popular lib sport there is. This time it will be through starvation and exposure.

  4. H’m. No island nation has lost any territory that wasn’t already underwater at high tide. Crop yields have increased, although far too much has been diverted to bio-fuels. Extreme weather events, although trending about where they’ve been, take fewer lives.
    Where does this 300,000 come from?
    MI, I do hope you just forgot the /sarc tag. Not only does our planet support more people, it supports them in healthier, wealthier lifestyles than in the past. We’ve gone from roughly 90% of the planet living in poverty to about 20% or 30%.
    Malthusian thinking will condemn the poor to continued suffering and will swell their numbers. Good plan, that.

  5. Good. The world needs a purge. We are closing in on the planet’s carrying capacity anyway. If the Earth shakes a few billion of us off like fleas it wouldn’t be the worst thing. If I am one of the billions, so be it. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I can bend the planet to my will.

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