One thought on “Tom Harris: Climate fear-mongers’ blind faith in suspect and shoddy science”

  1. The AGW crowd are painting climate science with a rancid brush. The leaders and followers of this chimerical movement are like the leaders and followers of some Christian groups that have damaged the value of Christian teaching over the last 2000 years — and they have brethren in nearly all branches of religion, politics and economics. (To be very specific, both the activities of the Inquisitions and the doctrine of the Elect seem to me to be very bad pieces of Christian history).
    It seems to me that this 20th-21st Century Puritanism descends from the long human inclination to both lord over those who are less enlightened and to control the activities of one’s neighbors. Okay, I’m lording a bit myself — but I am fine with my neighbor’s Prius, as long as my neighbor will quit trying to raise my gas prices.

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