The giant footprints of wind projects

“I don’t understand the rush to green-light big-wind projects in Vermont, unless it’s driven by subsidies and tax breaks that are untenable, or by a concern that Vermonters might discover the emperor has no clothes.”

“Yet the more large-scale wind development I see on our mountaintops, the less I like it. Not the sight of the towers and turbines themselves, but the clearing, blasting, filling, leveling, grading and overall destruction that can be required to build high-elevation wind-tower pads, service roads and transmission lines.” [Burlington Free-Press]

3 thoughts on “The giant footprints of wind projects”

  1. The author has identified exactly why the projects need to be rushed. If the people do figure out that the emperor is naked, we can hope they will vote to end the rents.

  2. Killing birds and bats is also fine, as are any health problems for people. Not only fine but also good for corruption not capitalism.

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