3 thoughts on “Terry Scanlon: ‘Steven Chu is no Ben Franklin’”

  1. It is actually easier to fool a smart person than a dumb one. When a fool is tricked, they know that they are stupid and assume that they are just not smart enough to figure it out. Smart people assume that they have fully analyzed a problem and come to the only logical conclusion. Only the smart and wise (specifically, Franklin, Feynman, and shockingly few others) are able to resist this arrogance.

    Hunt around on Randi.Org and you’ll find a good rant about this very topic.

  2. “Most “scientists” are bottle washers and button sorters.” – Lazarus Long (Courtesy of Robert Heinlein)

  3. Dr. Chu is exactly the model of scientist that suits our current president and the “progressives”. They would have hated Ben Franklin for so many things.

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