Taxpayers to pay for Wyoming windmills to power So. Calif. homes

” The Department of Energy’s Western Area Power Administration is jointly funding the TransWest Express line with the expectation of becoming a 50 percent co-owner when it is complete. And the Interior Department has agreed to expedite reviews of some of the projects.”


2 thoughts on “Taxpayers to pay for Wyoming windmills to power So. Calif. homes”

  1. The dramatic harm to the environment caused by the construction and maintenance of thousands of windmills and thousands of miles of tranmission lines will overwhelm any “benefits” of selling Wyoming wind to California.
    But that’s where the government money is so government-favored developers will destroy everything in their path in the name of green energy.”

  2. If the electrons from Wyoming are really being pushed all the way to Los Angeles, wouldn’t the transmission loss be astronomical?

    It is sad that the economic conditions are so bad in CA that we can’t even produce our own junk science electricity any more and we need to get it from Wyoming.

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