Sugar drinks levy: More interference won’t end obesity

“The medical profession would be better served by figuring out effective ways of treating the relatively small minority who are really seriously overweight. Leave the rest of us to enjoy our little indulgences in peace.”


3 thoughts on “Sugar drinks levy: More interference won’t end obesity”

  1. Sandy Szwarc at investigated the literature on obesity every which way. She is wonderful, and I dearly hope that she returns to her blog soon, You, “Gone With the Wind”, are spot on correct; maybe more than you know.

  2. Depending on who you believe between 11% and 19% of school aged children are obese. The various agendized groups would have you believe it is because of soft drinks, junk food, fast food, not enough healthy food, lack of excercise, etc. But by the same data between 81% and 89% of school aged children are not obese and they all (mostly all) drink soft drinks eat junk food, fast food, don’t eat enough healthy food and don’t get enough excercise. Obesity is genetic. It is damned hard for your average skinny teen to get “obese”. Conversely it is damned hard for an obese teen to become thin. It isn’t the sugary soft drinks or those other lame excuses it is genetic. Obese people who make heroic efforts to achieve a normal weight can only accomplish this with a starvation diet and they can only maintain a normal weight by continuing to diet.

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