4 thoughts on “Study: Tanning parlors may misinform clients about risks”

  1. So, if the nanny state restricts tanning booths, how long before you need restrictions on tanning the old fashion way? When will beaches and pools have time limits and customers will have permits requiring exposure monitors?

    I find it really silly to believe people “don’t know” that over exposure to UV light and sun light can result in burns that have been called “sunburn” all my life and that this can result in drier, wrinkled skin as well as increasing your chances of melanoma. My oldest is 37 and we were doing the sunscreen for her as a child. “I didn’t know, I wasn’t told, I wasn’t trained” has been the cop out for mistakes as long as I can remember.

  2. The beaches will be underwater due to global warming. Problem solved.

    Bill–We “europeans” living at high latitudes ( and altitudes, for that matter) have noticed that not wearing sunscreen can result in a most unpleasant redness and peeling of our skins. It took a bit to see the connection, but finally someone really smart figured it out, deduced the solution, and now we use the sunscreen.

  3. I would like to see more warning of the risk associated with sunburns. Europeans live in high latitudes and those of European decent have not evolved to accommodate the exposes in America.

  4. Personally, I’m caught between what I consider the vanity of using a tanning booth and what I consider the overreach of the nanny state. In the end, I’d rather see individual vanity and the tanning booth win and see group vanity and the nanny state lose.

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