Study: Global warming making it too hot, humid to work

By the year 2200, outdoor work will be impossible during the summers east of the Rockies!

“In an article published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, the researchers say humidity is already reducing people’s working capacity by 10% during peak months of heat stress around the world, and this is likely to grow to 20% by 2050.”

Read more at the Conversation.

13 thoughts on “Study: Global warming making it too hot, humid to work”

  1. Just because the writer cannot fathom working outdoors does not mean everyone is like him. I surprised he didn’t predict we are all going to starve since farming in the summer just won’t be possible. Of course, as noted by other commentors, working indoors won’t be possible either since we won’t have electricity or air conditioning. Climate change destroys those things,too. Or was stopping climate change kills the electric????

  2. Too hot to work? I guess nobody does anything between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. How in the world did the ancient Egyptians build those pyramids in all that heat?
    As for the Nature Climate Change readers…When you got a thirst for Kool-Aid, you just want more Kool-Aid.

  3. Maybe we all should just work in the winter. Or eliminate summer has a season….Who is drinking the coolaid… Get a job and get off the government programs and cause your own global warming with sweat and not with our tax dollars that the hard workers show up to work every day hot or cold, let God take care of the SUN (SON)…

  4. Winter is the problem for outdoor work WEST of the Rockies, where 100 F in the summer isn’t unusual. The real problem in 2200 might be mass stupidity.

  5. Do these people who claim this ever wonder how people in the deserts of
    Southern California and Arizona to the open areas of Texas ever live and work? Roads do indeed get paved, roofs get put on, cement gets laid, and police do their work in the open. Life is normal. You’d think the people who make such claims have never been in warm weather.

  6. “By the year 2200, outdoor work will be impossible during the summers east of the Rockies!”

    What WILL I DO?

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