Solar development absorbing Calif. farmland

Who needs food?

“Developers are flocking to flat farmland near power transmission lines, but agriculture interests, environmental groups and even the state are concerned that there is no official accounting of how much of this important agricultural region’s farmland is being taken out of production.” [AP]

6 thoughts on “Solar development absorbing Calif. farmland”

  1. I thought they were talking about solar, not wind farms. A big difference in how much land they take up.

  2. Maybe if they have any decent scientists who REALLY know how to harvest the sun efficiently? I should have been a scientist?

  3. The folks who run the state of California have lost the concept of wealth creation. Until it is rediscovered, the loud sucking sound is the whole state going down the toilet.

  4. Near Salinas, PR is a wind farm built, well, on top of a farm. 30-40 gigantic wind turbines sit over very productive farm land actively producing vegetables. They actually take up a very small percentage of the land.

    I have no idea what effect they will have on production, if any.

  5. If enough valuable agricultural land is removed from production for solar production, we may well see the bodies as a resule of lack of food.

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