Schwarzenegger: Lack of national energy policy in the US is ‘pitiful’

Aside from collectivists and rent-seekers, does anyone really want Congress and President Obama to determine how we use energy?


“I’m a Republican, so I’m not here to promote the Democrats,” Schwarzenegger said. “But President Obama has made all the effort he can make to go in the right direction. He’s done a terrific job of protecting the environment, but he needs a dancing partner. It takes two to tango; he can’t be out there on his own.”

This last point was a swipe at Congress, whose “bickering” Schwarzenegger blamed for much of the national inaction in shifting towards low carbon forms for energy. Indeed another of Schwarzenegger’s big themes revolved around the need to remove the environment and clean-tech from the partisan horse trading of national politics.

“I’m an optimist and very hopeful [Congress will agree action on climate change]. There are a lot of smart people in Washington, but it’s just getting over that hump in ideology,” he said.

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