Possible Pick for Energy Secretary a Finance Billionaire, Warmist, Rentseeker, Opposes Keystone XL

Imagine an energy secretary who opposes — energy. Thomas Steyer is supported by the Center for American Progress, too.

BTW, the WaPo article is yet another in which reporter Juliet Eilperin cites the Center for American Progress without disclosing that her husband is a senior fellow there on climate issues.

Read more at the Washington Post.

2 thoughts on “Possible Pick for Energy Secretary a Finance Billionaire, Warmist, Rentseeker, Opposes Keystone XL”

  1. Just keep in mind that the left’s long term goal is to control the production, distribution and retail cost of all energy in the US. It’s called controlling people. It has been tried in numerous “progressive” governments in the past and failed every time: USSR, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy for example. All because those evil oil companies make a huge profit distributed to private shareholders … even after their public tax burden paid to governments at all levels is greater. If it wasn’t for greed, selfishness and envy on their part, progressivism would not even exist.

  2. Imagine an Energy Secretary who is opposed to energy? We already know what that’s like; it’s called Obama’s First Term.
    Obama will choose some granola-crunching tree-hugging AGW clown for energy. That’s because Obama himself is a GCTHAC and he’s going to appoint key people who agree with his agenda. If it’s not this GCTHAC, it will be another anti-energy secretary. One who almost certainly shares Obama’s expertise on economics and engineering as well.
    I imagine there’s someone out there who is competent in both economics and engineering who would make a valuable Secretary of Energy (if such a thing is possible). But Obama is looking for a different kind of person.

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