Peter Gleick: Sea-level rise will be exponential

“One of the most important and threatening risks of climate change is sea-level rise (SLR). The mechanisms are well understood, and the direction of changes in sea-level is highly certain – it is rising and the rate of rise will accelerate.”

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11 thoughts on “Peter Gleick: Sea-level rise will be exponential”

  1. I was thinking “single-lens reflex”, myself, but okay. L1A1 is a nice weapon.
    Oh, oh, Gleick and sea level. Well, as tennisfan points out, sea level is rising below the levels reported fifty years ago, so that’s a kink in the story. And Dr. Gleick is a felon who manufactured a document to attack those who disagree with him, so his credibility has problems.

  2. Looks like the extreme and intermediate rises are out as of now. He really shouldn’t use an old chart that can be shown invalid. So, other than tadchem’s biblical epoch, where is that amount of ice melting, or are we counting on thermal expansion?

  3. At 1:10 AM on 27 February, johnnygeneric writes:

    I love the cute acronym SLR. Except that one is already taken

    Ain’t it just? The L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, one of the last genuine battle rifles to see widespread use, and still one of the most aesthetically pleasing longarms ever to have been manufactured.

  4. If the Gleickmeister could bulldoze the continents into the oceans to get his higher sea levels, he would do it.

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