New paper finds tree-ring studies underestimate climate extremes of the past

“A new paper published in Nature Climate Change finds tree-ring reconstructions of temperature, such as Mann’s infamous hockey stick, “underestimate climate fluctuations of, for example, air temperature,” due to data complicated by “the climate of past years and other factors like tree age” and precipitation.”

Read more at The Hockey Schtick.


  1. A fact of life taught in advanced classes in physics or chemistry is that deviations from the ‘equilibrium’ state are only linear *very* close to the equilibrium. As deviations become ‘extreme’, linearity goes out the window.

  2. But this does not conform to the Al “I am fatter the Chris Christie” Gore mantra that the Scientific consensus is that we are warmer than ever. So I guess it must be wrong. At least until he sells his first printing of his new book/


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