New map pinpoints cities to avoid as sea levels rise

Oh, no.. there goes Tokyo…

“Sydney, Tokyo and Buenos Aires watch out. These cities will experience some of the greatest sea level rises by 2100, according to one of the most comprehensive predictions to date.”

Read more at the New Scientist.


  1. A more useful map would tell us where the people making up these predictions live. We could avoid living anywhere near them. (Oh, you might buy real estate in these locations when the price goes down. :) )

  2. Are “comprehensive predictions” more accurate than others?

    Sydney Opera House sits at 23 feet above sea level.

    The Imperial Palace in Tokyo is at 64 feet.

    Bayside Buenos Aires airport is at 22 feet.

    These cities are in no danger.

  3. “one of the most comprehensive predictions to date” is probably the most comprehensively wrong. I do hope this means that the lefties will all move away though.


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