7 thoughts on “New Food Scare: Nano-Powder on Your Donuts: Should You Worry?”

  1. I met some nano-sized particles, they made me nervous, I took em in and had my breakfast
    Do they come from a Land Down Under? 😛

  2. Well empirically if TiO2 pigment was dangerous you’d have a whole lot of dead painters since it is in all paint everywhere. And cheese, and chocolate and toothpaste and mayonnaise and sunscreen. Users of these products are so obviously dying like flies that we should immediately panic.

    Need I go on?

    SciAm’s collective brains have turned to tofu. And would anyone be surprised if I said tofu contains about 0.02% TiO2 pigment?

  3. If it weren’t for nanoparticles, we would all starve to death. Thank goodness our digestive systems (with a little help from our little friends) can turn macroscopic chunks of food into nanoparticles small enough to be absorbed into our intestinal lining and thence the bloodstream.

  4. Doesn’t make me nervous, that. Instead, I am celebrating our civilised bakery products that are free from the micro- and milli-particles of milling stones that our grandparents had to grind their teeth on.

    Am I progressive or what?

  5. This would be funny if it weren’t so tragically sad that people could actually be frightened by such totally illogical “what-ifs.”

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