NASA: Alarming water loss in Middle East

Maybe Peter Gleick stole it?

“An amount of freshwater almost the size of the Dead Sea has been lost in parts of the Middle East due to poor management, increased demands for groundwater and the effects of a 2007 drought, according to a NASA study. The study, to be published Friday in Water Resources Research, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, examined data over seven years from 2003 from a pair of gravity-measuring satellites which is part of NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment or GRACE. Researchers found freshwater reserves in parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran along the Tigris and Euphrates river basins had lost 117 million acre feet (144 cubic kilometers) of its total stored freshwater, the second fastest loss of groundwater storage loss after India.”

Read more at Pakistan Today.

3 thoughts on “NASA: Alarming water loss in Middle East”

  1. Something that used to be talked about when I was a child (oh, about 500 years ago . . . ) was to harvest ice from the North Pole, and float it down to places that needed fresh water. I suppose the same could happen with South Pole ice, as some of that is floating on sea water. I’m not sure why that concept was abandoned.

  2. Things will get strange in Gulf Arab society when water becomes more precious than oil– it’s already happening. Saudi Arabia is purchasing colonies in Africa outright to provide food for the Saudis.

  3. This is really what we should be focused on is clean drinking water for humans rather than a small warming trend.

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