2 thoughts on “Monckton: Sanders-Boxer carbon tax will be 15 times costlier than letting warming happen”

  1. WAIT A MINUTE! This is bull, when did Monckton become a global warming alarmist? Now, he says its happening, and that people are causing it, but it would be cheaper to do nothing? It is not happening. Hasn’t there been cooling for 15 years?
    And what happened to its not being caused by humans, didn’t he recently say that it was cosmic rays that caused it, that is if it were really happening?

  2. Here, Lord Monckton is being as generous as possible to the AGW assessments. Sinc the AGW assessments have failed at all levels I know about, except possibly predicting human production of CO2, I am at liberty to say, as Mr. Milloy would also say, that all money dedicated to relieving global warming is wasted. That makes the divisor zero and even Einstein couldn’t divide by zero.

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