MOJO: Could Chris Christie Bring the GOP Around on Climate?

“But in simply acknowledging that climate change is not some liberal conspiracy, Christie is standing out from the GOP pack. He’s a popular Republican with national ambitions who seems to recognize the threat. That’s raised a question among some hopeful activists: Can Chris Christie shift the politics of climate change?”

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3 thoughts on “MOJO: Could Chris Christie Bring the GOP Around on Climate?”

  1. People continue to misinterpret Chritie’s bluster for conservatism. He has been a (Nelson) Rockefeller Republican from the beginning but now more closely resembles the ex-Governor and ex-Republican Charlie Crist.

  2. Gov. Christie got elected in New Jersey. A Republican who is palatable in New Jersey would look like a lefty Dem in Montana. I know because Senators Tester and Baucus sound a lot like Gov. Christie.
    I will be appalled if this edition of Gov. Christie becomes a major leader of the Republican Party. He’s better for New Jersey than Corzine was — an empty chair would be better than Corzine — and he may yet help shift NJ toward a wiser course.
    But that didn’t work in New York; they went from Pataki and Giuliani to Cuomo and Bloomberg.

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