Military Alarmists: Climate change is ‘threat multiplier’

All developed nations are dependent upon oil — mostly because it’s the best transportation fuel by far.

“We are overly dependent on oil — and that ties our hands diplomatically, militarily and economically.”

Read more at Politico.

2 thoughts on “Military Alarmists: Climate change is ‘threat multiplier’”

  1. We have 1000 or so based around the world. Want to save energy? Close down 10% of them a year. How about, “Let’s not go to war at every opportunity?” Think how much energy that would save.

    There’s nothing wrong with using solar panels in the middle of nowhere… unless we’re talking Greenland. On the other other hand, I can’t see Abrams A1A tanks running on solar, or jets running on windmills (but I do hear the jets can use $26/gallon bio-diesel).

  2. I came to a conclusion, America is too educated. How ca we Americans stand by and see a few destroy what we believe in. Where is the GOP in washington doing? I feel just like throwing my arms in the air…. Only God can now Heal this great nation, once was…

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