Michael Klare: Keystone approval would make global warming ‘occur at a faster rate than previously projected’

Doubtful. KXL will only serve to lower the price of oil, not increase emissions.

“The stakes in this battle could not be higher. If Keystone XL fails to win the president’s approval, the industry will certainly grow at a far slower pace than forecast and possibly witness the failure of costly ventures, resulting in an industry-wide contraction. If approved, however, production will soar and global warming will occur at an even faster rate than previously projected. In this way, a presidential decision will have an unexpectedly decisive and lasting impact on all our lives.”

Read more at TomDisptach.com.


  1. If Americans won’t take their oil, the Canadians will just leave it in the ground. And I’m going to win a Grammy tonight.

    The Chinese have already signed an agreement with Enbridge to build a pipeline to the west coast for shipping to China.

    It’s coming out of the ground. The only thing the Americans can do is to keep it from coming to America. The Canadian’s market is worldwide.

  2. Something better speed “Global Warming” up! Right now the temperature curve is starting to resemble the top of a sin-wave curve…..give it another decade without significant CO2 increases, and we might be “over the hump” and heading into the abyss of COLD!

  3. The real problem with Keystone is that it uses Canadian oil instead of OPEC oil. Green: the color of OPEC money.


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