4 thoughts on “Lustig claims study ‘proving’ sugar causes diabetes out in two weeks”

  1. With respect, perhaps it’s a matter of degree. I doubt if in your parents’ day you had such a plethora of sugar filled foods.

  2. I’ve done a “study” that suggests that all studies contain conjecture / supposition and uncertainty and that every study reported by CBS to demonize a food or food industry practice flies in the face of generations of experience and scientific evidence. All 4 of my grandparents used sugar regularly and extensively by modern recommended health standards, raised their kids on it and fed us grandkids on it. Not. One. Case. Of. Diabetes. Period. Wife: Same. Thing.

    (She had one uncle die of alcoholistic diseases such as diabetes, renal failure, gang grene. That might have had something to do with alcohol and regulating sugar in the bloodstream. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t blame the alcohol. Then again, doctors told him if he didn’t quit drinking, it would kill him. He drank. Note to CBS and Michael Blloomberg: It’s a free country – no thanks to you.)

  3. There are going to be some very angry people who gave up sugar and then get Type 2 diabetes anyway. Of course, the answer will be “it’s not the ONLY cause–that’s not what we said.” Remember cholesterol and how many people with normal levels were in the ER having heart attacks.

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