5 thoughts on “Los Angeles Will Be Off Coal by 2025, Says Mayor”

  1. And by 2025, your electric bill in California will be about $500/mo. even if you live in an efficiency apartment.

  2. If I lived in LA (and I used to live near there and I’m glad I live far away), I’d rather see a vibrant economy and a reduction in gang violence and better achievement in the public schools before I monkeyed with the power source. But that’s just me.

  3. They should disconnect now. PG&E is opposed to putting renewables such as processed landfill gas methane into the natural gas supply. This seems to be supported by the CA environmental bureaucracy. Those folks just don’t want any form of energy. However, I betcha hizzoner, has all his electrical needs covered when the populace is doing the rolling brownout bit.

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