4 thoughts on “IPCC head Pachauri acknowledges global warming standstill”

  1. I wonder, is global warming really at a standstill, or have the “scientists” run out of credible ways to goose the temperature numbers? Lets see got rid of all the weather stations showing cooling bumped all post 1959 numbers dropped all the pre. Mischaracterized all the Urban stations as rural as we can. Adjusted Satellite data as much as we can …

    There is just no way to goose the temps any more except with these computer models.

  2. AGWists will now be obliged to point out that Pachauri is ‘not a real scientist’. Upon which ‘denialists’ will openly wonder what the hell he’s doing at the head of a supposed scientific body.

  3. The burden of prove is for them to prove global warming (AGW). They’ve been trying for 30 years and haven’t done so yet.

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