One thought on “IBD: Global Warming Consensus Looking More Like A Myth”

  1. The well known sound bite “97% of climate scientists….” was from a mail out survey that was so severely cherry picked as to be laughable. Several thousand questionaires were sent out with a few thousand replies. The responses were winnowed down to just 77 that identified themselves as climate scientists. 75 of the 77 believed that human activity caused global warming. Very blunt question, the extent of warming attributable to humans was not mentioned. Flawed is an understatement.
    Then there is the oft quoted 4,000 scientists believe in AGW. Only about 40 odd were climate scientists, of which quite a few were implicated in Climategate. This sound bite is FRAUD.
    A search through WUWT should find more of the details of the 2 “studies.”

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